Friday, August 3, 2018


This blog would be incomplete and meaningless, without first offering my humble tribute and heartfelt gratitude to beloved Sree Maa.

My growth and advancement on the spiritual path, has only been possible through the luving and Divine presence of Sree Maa in my life.


Dearest Sree Maa,

 I take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt and infinite gratitude for walking into my life and showering me with limitless and boundless luv, grace and compassion.

If it wasn't for Sree Maa's unconditional acceptance, I would still be entangled and lost, in the intricacies , norms and associations, of the physical world.

Forever grateful and infinitely blessed and fortunate beyond measure, for Sree Maa, and no words will ever do justice, to Sree Maa's invaluable, limitless and precious presence in my life.

Sada aur atyant aabhaari aapki dear Sree Maa Shri Ji _/\_


Humbly sharing a few reasons and the drive and inspiration behind this blog.

  • Sree Maa is the sole reason I write and share this blog, and Sree Maa's unconditional and continued presence has led me towards a higher meaning and purpose in this lifetime.
  •  Sree Maa's constant and continuous shower of grace, luv and compassion  has helped me see through my 'Ego' and 'Ignorance'  and lift the veils of illusion, which has misled and misguided me for years.
  • Sree Maa has strengthened and deepened my faith in the Absolute, the ultimate Controller, Sustainer, Giver, Refuge, Solace and Comfort
  • Sree Maa has always operated from utmost honesty, transparency, integrity and authencity.
  • Sree Maa's continuous and resilient patience and guidance, has steered me in the direction (and continues to do so), to strive and work towards honoring my True Soul (Atma).
  •  Sree Maa has unconditionally accepted me, despite my many weaknesses and shortcomings, even though at times, have taken Sree Maa for granted and dishonored my role, as a volunteer in Kosmic Fusion.
  • Sree Maa continues to selflessly and relentlessly work towards enlightening and awakening not only me but all volunteers at Kosmic Fusion.
  • It is my non involvement and  non engagement fully and consciously in the FiT training, which  resulted in the philanthropic mission of Sree Maa and Kosmic Mission being stalled and delayed in reaching out to many;  I hereby offer my sincere and true apologies to Sree Maa, Shri Ji and all volunteers at Kosmic Fusion.
  • Sree Maa has not only taught by word,  but has always led by example too.
  • Sree Maa is the epitome of Grace, Mercy and Compassion in action.
  • Sree Maa has silently and patiently endured, and been the victim of hate, abuse and slander, but has continued, and not deterred, from the resolve of spreading the Absolute Truth and teachings and being the Beacon of Light, in this world overpowered by untruth and illusion.
  • Sree Maa  introduced us to the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, the most precious and benevolent gift I have ever received.
  • Sree Maa has tirelessly spent days/sleepless nights and given herself freely and fully in teaching and guiding us to the ultimate Truth.